• The Rabbit R1 is an AI-powered, handheld gadget that seems to run Android under the hood.
  • Many reviewers have criticized the utility of AI gadgets like the Rabbit R1, noting that they do little to supplant the smartphone and should just be an app instead.
  • In fact, the R1’s entire UI seems to be handled by a single Android app.

Update: May 1, 2024 (1:01 AM ET): Rabbit has reached out to Android Authority with a statement from its founder and CEO, Jesse Lyu. The statement argues that the R1’s interface is not an app. The company explains that the LLM it uses runs on the cloud, which is something we never questioned. We’ll be following up with another article diving deeper into the subject soon. Until then, you can read Rabbit’s complete statement below.

“rabbit r1 is not an Android app. We are aware there are some unofficial rabbit OS app/website emulators out there. We understand the passion that people have to get a taste of our AI and LAM instead of waiting for their r1 to arrive. That being said, to clear any misunderstanding and set the record straight, rabbit OS and LAM run on the cloud with very bespoke AOSP and lower level firmware modifications, therefore a local bootleg APK without the proper OS and Cloud endpoints won’t be able to access our service. rabbit OS is customized for r1 and we do not support third-party clients. Using a bootlegged APK or webclient carries significant risks; malicious actors are known to publish bootlegged apps that steal your data. For this reason, we recommend that users avoid these bootlegged rabbit OS apps.”