A screenshot of Quick Share on a Pixel 8 Pro surrounded by other Android phones

Credit: Mishaal Rahman / Android Authority
  • In the future, Quick Share could allow you to generate a QR code to simplify connecting to another device and quickly share files.
  • This QR code feature is not currently live in Quick Share but could be rolled out in the future.

Google renamed Android’s Nearby Share to Quick Share to harmonize the branding with Samsung’s Quick Share. Irrespective of what it is called, Quick Share is an incredibly convenient way to transfer files across devices. It’s the closest AirDrop alternative on Android, and the feature could soon make it even easier to share files, thanks to QR codes.

Android Authority contributor Assemble Debug spotted an upcoming feature to Quick Share in the latest Google Play Services beta v24.20.13. In addition to locating phones in proximity, Quick Share could soon offer a QR code that the receiver can scan to speed up the connection process and begin sharing files.