Oculus Quest 2

Credit: Adam Sinicki / Android Authority
  • The Meta Quest 2 price will permanently drop on June 4, 2023, to $299 and $349 for the two models.
  • These are the same or lower prices we saw when the Quest 2 launched in 2020.
  • In addition, the Quest 2 will receive an update that will allegedly give it a performance boost of up to 26%.

On October 13, 2020, Meta (then known as Facebook) launched the Meta Quest 2 (then known as the Oculus Quest 2). The pricing for the VR headset was $299 for the 64GB model and $399 for the 256GB variant. In July 2022, Meta increased the amount of storage for the entry-tier model to 128GB and also increased its price by $100 to $399. The 256GB model jumped up as well to $499. Later, in March 2023, Meta changed its strategy again and lowered the 256GB model to $429.

Today, with the launch of the Meta Quest 3, Meta is changing things up once more. The Meta Quest 2 price will go back to $299 for the 128GB model. That means you get the original 64GB price but with more storage. Meanwhile, the 256GB model drops to $349 — the lowest it’s ever been. These are permanent price drops that both happen on June 4, this coming Sunday.