• Qualcomm is facing controversy about its benchmarking claims for the new Snapdragon X series of processors.
  • One article claims that Qualcomm is “cheating” by essentially fudging the results to make it seem like the chips are more powerful than they’ll actually be for consumers.
  • Qualcomm hasn’t been entirely transparent with its testing methods, leaving few definitive answers on what’s accurate and what’s not.

Yesterday, Qualcomm officially unveiled the new Snapdragon X Plus chipset. Designed for Windows on Arm laptops, the Snapdragon X Plus (and its more powerful sibling, the Snapdragon X Elite) is designed to bring to Windows users what macOS users have enjoyed since the original launch of Apple’s M-series chips: powerful, fan-less laptops with crazy-long battery life.

If you are just catching up on this, I highly recommend watching the video embedded above. I give a lot of context to the Snapdragon X series and how it might change the landscape for Windows laptops.