Google Maps crashing on Android Auto

  • The latest Google Maps beta is breaking Android Auto integration, crashing the interface continuously.
  • To fix the issue, simply uninstall the latest Google Maps beta and revert to the stable release.

Google Maps is one of the best Android apps, and we don’t even need to recommend installing it since it comes preinstalled on most Android phones anyway. It’s an amazing app for navigation and exploration, and it also works very well with Android Auto (most of the time). If you’re finding that Google Maps has recently been continuously crashing Android Auto, the latest Maps beta update is likely the culprit.

As Reddit user japzone points out, the latest Google Maps beta (possibly v11.132.0100 beta, from what I can tell) doesn’t work with Android Auto. Starting Android Auto causes the Google Maps app to crash, and you get thrown back to the Android Auto app list. Selecting Google Maps here will cause you to crash back again to the app list.