iphone 13 otterbox case deals

Credit: Verizon

Let’s be honest; we’ve all dropped our phones at some point or another — holding our breath as it bounces off a hard surface. Sometimes we get lucky, suffering only a few scratches. But there’s nothing worse than having huge cracks down the glass of your screen. When it comes to protecting your phone from drops, bumps, and fumbles, Otterbox cases have one of the best reputations. With the iPhone 13 Otterbox cases on sale for 25% off, you can save yourself peace of mind by knowing your new iPhone 13 is safe from any accident.

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During its September event, Apple tried to highlight the iPhone 13’s durability by dropping and picking it up on stage. However, that theatrical demonstration isn’t comparable to the barrage of wear and tear we subject our phones to every day. Although the glass that protects the iPhone 13’s screen is Ceramic Shield — a similar material to Gorilla Glass — it is not invulnerable. Otterbox cases often make our best phone case brand list because of their long-term protection. The somewhat bulky cases are built for durability and are available in a range of colors.

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Dishing out $700 to $1,000 for one of the new iPhone 13 models is an investment you’ll want to protect. Should you happen to damage your phone, repairs can get quite costly. For example, Apple charges roughly $280 for screen repairs and $550 to fix cracked backs on an out-of-warranty iPhone 13 Pro. That’s nearly half of what the new phone costs. Instead, you could spend between $30-$50 on a discounted Otterbox case and rest easy knowing your new phone is secure.

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