A new generation of Amazon Echo devices is hitting the shelves soon, including the Echo Buds 2023. You can pre-order the true wireless earbuds now, with the added incentive that you’ll pay an introductory rate of just $39.99 — 20% off the retail price.

The third generation of Echo Buds is due to be released on June 7, so you won’t have long to wait — and not a lot to pay either when you compare the price of the Echo Buds 2023 to its predecessor. The Echo Buds (2nd Gen) were rather pricey at $120 or $140, depending on whether you wanted a wireless charging case or not. At the $50 retail price of the latest Echo Buds, Amazon is clearly targeting the budget earbud market, and a further $10 off in this deal certainly makes the earbuds worth a look.