OnePlus 9 Pro camera module

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Today’s premium smartphones generally have at least three types of rear camera aboard, namely the main camera, ultra-wide, and telephoto/periscope snapper. This allows for plenty of flexibility, giving users a camera for almost every occasion.

We’ve also seen flagship phones adding a fourth camera to the mix, but it seems like the industry can’t quite agree on what type of camera should be used. So what do you think should be the fourth camera on flagship phones? Give us your answer via the poll below.

One trend in recent years has been the addition of a second telephoto/periscope camera as the fourth sensor. We’ve seen Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung all take this approach, delivering a short-range telephoto camera as well as a long-range telephoto or periscope shooter.

We’ve also seen OnePlus, Huawei, and Honor adopt a monochrome camera as the fourth sensor, enabling true black-and-white shots and better low-light capture. Another significant trend has been the push towards 3D ToF or depth sensors as the fourth camera on high-end smartphones, allowing for more accurate depth effects and portrait mode imagery.

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Oppo may have taken the cake for the strangest fourth camera on a smartphone yet, as the Find X3 Pro brings a 3MP microscope camera to the table. This goes even closer than macro cameras, allowing you to capture microscope-style images as the name implies.

In any event, make your voice heard via the poll above. You can also leave a comment if you chose the “other” option or you simply have more to say.