OnePlus Nord 2 with OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 9

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

We’ve had a few months to process the OnePlus and Oppo merger and all of its ramifications. Since the initial January announcement that the two brands would share their R&D resources, we’ve seen them grow ever closer. In June, OnePlus announced plans to “further integrate” with Oppo. The vagueries of this statement led to speculations about the future of the brands, and initial reader polls were highly dismissive of the partnership.

Now, new details shed light on the situation for OnePlus. The company’s CEO Pete Lau revealed big changes for the brand going into 2022. Next year, OnePlus users will welcome a new unified OS, melding elements of Oxygen OS and Oppo’s Color OS. While OnePlus and Oppo will continue to have separate PR identities, they will effectively be backed by a larger, single team, too. Although the two brands have never been closer, Lau insists that the news will not affect the company’s identity.

But now, given the new developments, what do you think of the OnePlus and Oppo merger? If you voted in our first poll, how has your view changed?

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