One handed mode on Vivo phone resized

Credit: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Smartphone screens have grown massively in size over the years, from ~4-inch displays in 2010 to nearly seven inches in 2021. The upside is that we’ve got plenty more screen area for games and movies, but the downside is that many feel they’ve become too big for comfortable use.

The large screens mean that reaching the top half of the display is a difficult endeavor. But one prominent solution over the years is the one-handed mode feature, which “shrinks” the screen via software to bring things within touching distance. Is this something you’re using on your phone? Give us your answer via the poll below.

One-handed mode is available on phones from a variety of Android OEMs. Prominent examples include Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. This feature isn’t available on Google and OnePlus phones though.

Nevertheless, Google seems to be finally bringing one-handed mode to Android 12, so even manufacturers without this feature should be able to jump on the bandwagon soon. Got it on your phone? Then let us know whether you’re using it via the poll above.