OnePlus Oxygen OS 11 Android 11 brightness control close up

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Automatic screen brightness has been a fixture on smartphones since pretty much the beginning, dynamically adjusting brightness based on ambient lighting. We’ve since seen Google offer adaptive brightness too, learning from your preferred settings over time.

Are you all-in on automatic/adaptive brightness though? Or do you prefer manual screen brightness? That’s what we want to know from you in our featured poll today, so make your choice below.

Automatic/adaptive brightness is more seamless in theory, as the phone dynamically adjusts to your environment with little to no user intervention. On the other end of the spectrum, manual adjustments are more work for the user, but you can be assured that the screen brightness is exactly the way you like it.

Then again, automatic/adaptive brightness still allows you to make manual adjustments, giving you the best of both worlds. Either way, you can let us know which option you use via the poll above or leave a comment below if you have more on your mind.