T-Mobile 5G Review Speed Test Number 2

With the exception of a few markets, 5G connectivity has spread to a ton of countries around the world. In fact, it’s probably easier to name countries without 5G, such as India.

It’s one thing for your country to have 5G but another thing for your neighborhood and household to have coverage though. So do you stay in an area with 5G coverage? Let us know via the poll below.

Just to be clear, we’re talking about both sub-6GHz 5G and the mmWave 5G standard. Sub-6GHz 5G is more like 4G LTE, offering similar speeds and blanket coverage. Meanwhile, mmWave 5G (also known as ultra-wideband 5G by some networks) is much faster than sub-6GHz 5G but is more temperamental in terms of coverage.

Either way, you can vote via the poll above and leave a comment if you have more on your mind.