PlayStation 5 PS5 images next to controllers 2

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority
  • Fresh leaks indicate some exciting new specifications about the PS5 Pro’s GPU.
  • Real-world gaming performance is expected to see a roughly 45% boost over PS5.
  • The PS5 Pro is currently projected to launch in time for the 2024 holiday season.

With Sony’s mid-cycle refresh of the PlayStation 5 seemingly around the corner, leaks detailing the console’s enhanced hardware capabilities continue to emerge. The latest leak sheds some info on the new GPU that will drive the PS5 Pro, promising performance boosts and advanced features for demanding gamers.

The folks over at Digital Foundry have uncovered information indicating the PS5 Pro’s GPU will boast a base clock speed of 2.18GHz, with boost speeds of up to 2.35GHz for maximum performance. Additionally, crucial cache components — the L1 and L0 caches — have been doubled in size to streamline demanding processes like ray tracing, which should further enhance visual fidelity in supported games.