Google Pixel 7 Pro

Credit: Damien Wilde / Android Authority
  • A new report shows that Google Pixel market share in the United States is nearing 5%.
  • This is an increase from the previous 3.6% held by the brand in 2022 and the measly 1% in 2021.
  • If Google can keep up this growth, could it break the Samsung/Apple duopoly?

Despite how much we and our readers love Google Pixel phones, the phones are not very popular compared to those from Apple and Samsung. A new report, though, shows that what Google is doing is working, as Pixel phones now command more US market share than ever.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), Pixel Phones took about 4.6% of the US market share in 2023. This is up significantly from the 3.6% market share Pixels held in the US in 2022 and way better than the 1% held in 2021.