• The Pixel Tablet comes with a dock but not a stylus or keyboard, and Google doesn’t sell either.
  • But a Google-made app suggests that the Pixel Tablet could be getting both accessories.
  • Plus, lots of changes and improvements in Android 14 pave the way for a better stylus and keyboard experience.

The Pixel Tablet officially launched on Tuesday, and the reviews are in: Google’s re-entry into the Android tablet space shows promise. Google’s decision to bundle the Pixel Tablet with the $129 Charging Speaker Dock was smart; while the tablet and dock combination can’t quite replicate a Nest Hub, the ability to detach it from the dock and use it as a regular Android tablet makes the Pixel Tablet a much more versatile device.

But as an Android tablet, the Pixel Tablet arguably falls behind its competition in key areas, like productivity. Unlike the OnePlus Pad, for example, the Pixel Tablet doesn’t come with a keyboard or stylus in the box, and Google doesn’t officially sell either accessory to consumers — at least not yet. According to evidence viewed by Android Authority, Google may be preparing to release an official keyboard and stylus accessory for the Pixel Tablet.