Apple iPhone 15 Pro vs Google Pixel 7 Pro standing on desk

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • Google’s latest ad in the #BestPhonesForever series introduces iPhone’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. “i.”
  • The ad showcases Pixel’s Audio Magic Eraser, which reduces background noise in videos.
  • The ad is part of Google’s ongoing lighthearted campaign showcasing the Pixel’s features in comparison to the iPhone.

Google’s marketing for the Pixel series often flies under the radar, but one campaign that has consistently delighted audiences is its ongoing #BestPhoneForever series. These commercials highlight the camaraderie between Pixel and iPhone, eventually ending up showcasing a unique Pixel feature not found on iPhones. The most recent ads in the series have featured the Pixel’s Circle to Search and Magic Editor capabilities.

In this newest episode, aptly titled “Family Dynamics,” we meet iPhone’s parents – Mr. and Mrs. “i” – who, fittingly, are depicted as the classic 2007 iPhone models. Mrs. “i” sports a vibrant pink case, which definitely looks like something my mom used on her phones back in the day.