Google Pixel 6 Pro

Credit: Google
  • The Google Pixel 6 Pro has popped up in a Taiwanese regulatory listing.
  • Labels in the listing show that Google is finally adopting faster charging on the phone.
  • We don’t know if the standard Pixel 6 will also get the upgrade.

All eyes are on the Google Pixel 6 duo right now. The first Google flagships to accommodate an in-house chip and a swanky new design are now confirmed to debut another feature in the Pixel lineup — faster charging.

A Taiwanese regulatory listing discovered by XDA Developers shows that the Pixel 6 Pro will indeed replace the age-old 18W charging that Google phones have supported since 2016 with faster 33W charging. Leaker Yogesh previously tipped the information, but the latest listing makes it as official as it can be.

The Pixel 6 Pro is rumored to pack a 5,000mAh battery. If the Pixel 5a is anything to go by, 18W charging would have taken more than two hours to fill up the phone. 33W charging would significantly reduce that time.

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It’s unclear whether only the Pixel 6 Pro will get the charging upgrade or if the vanilla Pixel 6 will also support 33W charging. What we do know is that Google won’t ship the phones with a 33W charger in the box. The company claims that people already have USB-C chargers lying around, so there’s no need to offer the accessory. That means you’ll have to shell out extra cash to buy the new fast charger from Google.

Rumors also suggest that Google could launch a new 23W wireless charging Pixel Stand. It looks like the company is finally opening up to the idea of faster charging in a world where most Android OEMs have already picked up the feature. Both Google and Samsung have been behind the curve when it comes to wired and wireless charging speeds. With 33W charging, Google won’t exactly rub shoulders with the likes of Xiaomi that offers up to 120W charging. However, there’s a school of thought that charging speeds that fast can degrade the battery quicker, so 33W charging may not be a bad bet in the long run.