• Google has put out an ad for the Pixel 6 series showing the phones in people’s hands.
  • The devices are expected to launch in October.
  • An image posted by the company also possibly hints at a launch date for the phones.

Google stepped out of character this year to reveal the Pixel 6 series way before its official launch. With the launch of the new iPhones looming, the Mountain View company has also kicked off promotions for its upcoming flagships due to release this fall.

A new Pixel 6 ad released by Google (see above) shows the phones in the flesh for the very first time. We had only seen renders for the devices until now, but the ad actually places them in people’s hands.

Nevertheless, the ad starts with Android 12‘s new volume slider and asks, “What if your phone saw you for who you are.” Shots of folks handling real-life Pixel 6 colorways are dispersed throughout the video. There’s also a tiny clip of the new Tensor chip at the end.

Google also took to Instagram to promote the Pixel 6 series and posted an image showing the front of the phone with Android 12’s new UI. If you look closely, you might spot the date Tuesday, 19 in the clock face.

Google Pixel 6 ad instagram

Credit: Google

There’s still no word on an exact launch date for the Pixel 6 series, but a recent leak suggested that the phones could go up for pre-order on October 19. Google is possibly hinting at the very date through its Instagram promotion. October 19 is indeed a Tuesday. However, we’ll have to wait for a more official announcement from Google to be certain.