• There are a growing number of users around the world finding their Google Pixel 3 phones bricked.
  • Most cases involve the phones entering EDL mode and then getting stuck there.
  • It’s possible this is a hardware failure, but a true cause is a mystery for now.

Google is no stranger to hardware issues on its phones. The Nexus 6P — which Google co-created with Huawei — is one of the most notorious phones for post-sale issues that essentially bricked the device. Google eventually paid out for a class-action suit.

Now, users around the world are reporting their Google Pixel 3 phones bricked, harkening back to the Nexus 6P saga. Threads on Google’s issue trackersupport forums, and Reddit all show Pixel 3 owners having similar issues (via Ars Technica).

Essentially, the users find the phones stuck in “Emergency Download mode,” also known as EDL mode. EDL mode is a type of recovery related to Qualcomm, suggesting the problem might be related to Qualcomm hardware inside the phone. That could include the processor (the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845), the modem, or any of the other Qualcomm bits inside the Pixel 3.

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Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way for people with a Google Pixel 3 bricked to get out of EDL mode. Rebooting the phone doesn’t change anything. Even more technical methods that are usually reserved for flashing ROMs and such don’t work. The phone just boots into EDL mode, stays there, and that’s that.

To its credit, Google support folks have appeared in some of the support threads. However, they basically ask for logs and other diagnostics, which, of course, are impossible to retrieve with the phones trapped in EDL mode.

If you’ve found your Google Pixel 3 bricked, let us know in the comments.