Philips Hue Twilight

Credit: Philips Hue
  • Philips Hue has tons of new lighting products, including cheaper lighting strips, a new ceiling light, and more.
  • The most exciting announcement is the Twilight, a lamp that simulates sunrise and sunset.
  • All the new products are available now, with the exception of the Datura ceiling light, which arrives September 10, 2024.

Philips Hue recently unveiled a series of new smart home lighting products, with the Philips Hue Twilight standing out as the most intriguing announcement. This unique smart lamp is designed to improve your sleep and wake-up routines by simulating sunset and sunrise, which naturally helps our bodies fall asleep and wake up. The lamp ensures the proper lighting throughout the night by responding to the body’s natural cues for light.

Although you could already simulate sunrise and sunset using a Hue Bridge, the Hue app, and compatible smart bulbs, the Twilight adds several advanced features.