A user holds and Oura Ring 3 between two fingers, displaying the devices sensors.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority
  • Oura Ring is adding support for cardiovascular age and cardio capacity.
  • Cardiovascular age collects 14 days of data to tell you how your heart health aligns with your chronological age.
  • Cardio capacity measures your cardiovascular and respiratory system health.

The Oura Ring can already measure a wide range of heart-related health factors like your heart rate variability and workout heart rate. Now the company is adding two new features that can tell you how old your heart really is and how to optimize your respiratory system to improve long-term heart health.

Oura has announced today that its smart ring will soon be able to measure cardiovascular age and cardio capacity. The aim of these two features is to allow users to check their cardiovascular health status and take proactive measures.