Oppo’s Find N2 is the company’s second commercially available swipe at the foldable phone-tablet form factor. However, like the original Find N, it’s still only available in China (for the time being), and our admittedly brief time spent with the unit so far has been spent overcoming a few obstacles in the handset’s Chinese software. Still, there are plenty of interesting things to talk about with the Find N2 already.

Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, Oppo opts for a compact form factor. Closed, the handset measures just 132.2mm x 72.6mm, considerably shorter and only slighter wider than its main rival. It’s thinner and lighter too, dropping the weight by 42g down to 233g, and it’s 1.3mm slimmer when closed compared to the first Find N. The net result is a non-flip foldable that finally feels comfortable to carry in my pocket and use in one hand. You’ll have no trouble reaching the upper or lower portions of the front screen here.