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  • In Canada, the Netflix Basic subscription tier is in limbo.
  • It’s very likely Netflix is testing the removal of the tier in Canada in anticipation of a wider rollout.
  • As of now, subscribers can keep the Basic subscription but will lose it if they suspend or cancel their accounts.

For a long time, Netflix had three subscription tiers: Basic, Standard, and Premium. There are different perks to each, but the gist is that Basic is locked to 720p and one screen, Standard is locked to 1080p and two screens, and Premium offers 4K streaming on up to four screens. In 2022, though, Netflix added a fourth tier: Basic with Ads. This tier is essentially the same as the Basic tier but slightly less expensive because, well, ads.

Now, it appears the company is tinkering with removing the regular Basic tier and turning the ads-based tier into Standard with Ads. In Canada, Netflix’s support page already reflects these changes. As of right now, people who currently subscribe to Netflix Basic in Canada can keep using it as usual. However, if you suspend or cancel your account, you will then need to sign up for a different tier when you come back.