New year, new phone. Nothing is back with an update to its imaginatively named smartphone “Phone.” The Nothing Phone 2 takes over the reins from the Nothing Phone 1, but it brings over some key spec upgrades that do, unfortunately, increase the price. As a result, the Nothing Phone 2 sits at a different position in the market than its predecessor. But have there been enough changes over the year? Should Nothing Phone 1 users upgrade to the Nothing Phone 2? Read on as we explore if the upgrades make the Phone 2 an immediate recommendation over the Phone 1 or not.

Nothing Phone 2
  • Unique design
  • Improved performance
  • Affordable price

Building on the success of Nothing’s debut Android handset, the Nothing Phone 2 features the same unique transparent look and Glyph lighting but adds more processing power, a larger screen and battery, and makes some subtle design tweaks. You can also buy this one in the US!

Nothing Phone 1 vs Nothing Phone 2: At a glance

Nothing Phone 1 vs Phone 2: At a glance