• Today, Nothing launched two new sets of earbuds: Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear A.
  • Nothing Ear are essentially Nothing Ear 2.5, with the same look as Ear 2 but with subtle yet important upgrades.
  • Meanwhile, Nothing Ear A are the spiritual successor to Ear 1, with a less premium price and a new funky look.

Nothing is all-in on smartphones now, with the recent Nothing Phone 2a earning strong marks from reviewers. However, the company started just a few years ago as an audio brand with the well-received Nothing Ear 1 earbuds. Since then, it’s launched a few other sets of earbuds, but today it’s revamping its naming system while simultaneously launching two new audio products: Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear A.

As you can see, the revamped earbud naming system includes removing numbers from the names. Nothing told us it is doing this to make customers feel less pressured to upgrade every time there’s a new release. Instead, you’d buy a set of Nothing earbuds now and then buy a new set in the same line sometime later when you feel an upgrade might be necessary (or, of course, opt for a more/less expensive model).