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Credit: Aamir Siddiqui / Android Authority
  • With the Digital Markets Act (DMA) now in force in the EU, the European Commission is investigating Alphabet (Google), Apple, and Meta’s measures for compliance.
  • Google and Apple are being investigated for their anti-steering compliance, as the DMA forces them to no longer prohibit businesses on their app stores from informing users of cheaper options.
  • Meta’s “pay or consent” model for collecting data for its social media platforms is being investigated.

The European Commission’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) is one of the biggest sweeping regulations that targets Big Tech dominance in the EU region. Companies like Apple, Meta, and Google (Alphabet) have had to significantly change how they operate in the region. With the DMA now in operation, the European Commission is opening up investigations against Alphabet, Apple, and Meta for their seemingly half-baked measures at compliance.

As announced in a press release, the European Commission has opened non-compliance investigations against the three prominent Big Tech companies. More specifically, the Commission is looking into these practices: