• YouTube TV is expanding its multiview streams beyond sports.
  • A select number of users can choose between business, news, weather, and other multiview streams.
  • The feature is gradually rolling out over the summer.

There’s nothing worse than deciding between two live events you want to watch. This is especially true for sports enthusiasts. YouTube TV had somewhat lessened this impact when it debuted its multiview feature for basketball fans in March. Now, it’s expanding this feature beyond sports.

A select number of users can pick “up to five” brand new multiview streams from their YouTube TV home screens to view business, news, sports, weather, and Deportes content side-by-side. These options will be available all day, every day. While this does give users more choice, there are several limitations. For now, YouTube TV pre-selects which streams can be viewed alongside each other — users can’t mix and match. Additionally, the feature is still limited to streaming devices and TVs.