Apple cult Steve Jobs sandals auction 3

  • A person who is definitely not in the Apple cult just paid $218,750 for Steve Jobs’ old sandals.
  • The grubby Birkenstock sandals still have Jobs’ sweat stains.
  • The sandals also came with an NFT.

In the Android world, we like to throw around the term “cult of Apple” when describing the fervor some fans have for the brand. Sometimes, it does seem like Apple fans will believe pretty much anything the company says. Of course, we all use the term as a joke and know no cult actually exists.

However, the case for there possibly being an actual Apple cult just got a bit stronger. This past weekend, an anonymous buyer paid exactly $218,750 for a pair of old Birkenstock sandals worn by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. As first spotted by CNN, Julien’s Auction House sold the grubby old footwear as part of its Icons & Idols: Rock ‘N’ Roll Auction.