Nintendo Switch Header 12

Credit: Curtis Joe / Android Authority
  • Court documents confirm that the Nintendo Switch 2 could be roughly as powerful as a PS4 or Xbox One.
  • The documents come from the ongoing Activision-Microsoft trial.
  • Chris Schnakenberg, head of Activision’s platform strategy and partner relations, is the person who made the PS4/XBO comparison.

At this point, we are relatively sure we will see a Nintendo Switch 2 launch in 2024. It probably will have a different name (I have high hopes for Nintendo to go with “Super Nintendo Switch”), but a next-gen hybrid console from Nintendo is almost certainly on the way.

But what can we expect from the new console regarding power and performance? Thanks to Activision (via The Verge), we may have a decent idea. Microsoft wants to buy Activision, but regulators are nervous about competition, so the courts are currently mulling it over. This deliberation has resulted in many heavily redacted Activision emails going public. One of them features Chris Schnakenberg — head of Activision’s platform strategy and partner relations — delivering a briefing of the “Switch NG” (Switch next generation) to Activision executives, including CEO Bobby Kotick. In this document, Schnakenberg explains that the Switch 2 is close to “Gen8 platforms in terms of performance” and that Activision could “make something compelling” given its “previous offerings on PS4/Xbox One.”