Nintendo Switch Header 12

Credit: Curtis Joe / Android Authority
  • A new rumor suggests the Nintendo Switch 2 could have magnetic Joy-Con.
  • This would allow you to snap the Joy-Con into place quickly and easily instead of needing to slide them on.
  • Elsewhere, the report suggests current Nintendo Switch Pro controllers could be compatible with the next-gen Switch.

It’s been so long since the first Nintendo Switch launched that we can easily forget just how much of a revelation it was at the time. Pretty much everything about it was good, but there were still some things we wished were a bit better, and most of them revolved around one aspect: the Joy-Con controllers that flank the display.

Thankfully, it seems like Nintendo could be making Joy-Con better with the console’s inevitable sequel, tentatively called the Nintendo Switch 2. According to the Spanish site Vandal, the Joy-Con on the Switch 2 could magnetically attach to the console. This would be a significant upgrade over the clumsy rail system of the original Switch and Switch OLED.