Nintendo Switch Header 11

Credit: Curtis Joe / Android Authority
  • A Google employee accessed private videos from Nintendo’s YouTube channel.
  • The employee leaked the information before the game company’s announcement.
  • It’s believed that some leakers are still using this method to get their information.

Earlier this week, a report came out detailing old privacy and security incidents within Google. The report covers a wide variety of employee-reported incidents that range from severe to non-issues. One of the more surprising revelations, however, was related to a Google contractor leaking a Nintendo announcement.

In the report, it’s mentioned that the temporary contractor in question accessed private videos stored on Nintendo’s YouTube account. That contractor went on to share the information with a friend who then posted it on Reddit. Within the comments, the poster attempted to confirm the veracity of the leak by stating, “My friend work at google and he send this photo to me. It’s a video that it’s already in Nintendo channel and is going to be in public after the reveal.”