NFC Tags and Google Pay

Credit: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority
  • The NFC Forum has laid down a roadmap that outlines five key initiatives through 2028.
  • The outline offers a glimpse at the future of NFC technology.
  • One of the initiatives is to increase the range of NFC connections by four to six times the current distance.

Have you ever noticed that contactless payments aren’t exactly contactless? Since near-field communication (NFC) technology works at such a short distance, you often end up having to touch your device with another device. But that status quo could change in the next few years.

The NFC Forum — a group founded by Sony, NXP Semiconductors, and Nokia in 2004 to improve NFC — has revealed a roadmap for NFC technology that extends from now to 2028. This roadmap — created by representatives from Apple, Google, and more — outlines five key initiatives for the direction of the technology over the next two to five years. One of those initiatives is to increase the range of NFC connections.