leica lux

Credit: Leica
  • Leica LUX is a new app that emulates the Leica experience on the iPhone.
  • There are 11 color profiles to choose from to help your photos stand out.
  • In addition to an automatic mode, there’s also an Aperture mode that emulates the style of real Leica lenses.

Xiaomi might be the only company with official Leica branding, but iPhone users will soon be able to at least somewhat emulate this experience. Leica’s new LUX app is designed to mimic the experience you’d get from Leica lenses.

The app does this through a combination of software trickery and AI. There are 11 different color profiles designed to match current Leica cameras as well as classic cameras from the past. There’s a fully automatic camera mod that works similarly to the Apple camera, but there’s also an Aperture mode that uses AI to mimic the style, bokeh, and aperture you’d get from lenses like the Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH.