Apple Watch Series 8 vs Galaxy Watch 6

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority
  • A reliable leaker has revealed a list of upcoming Samsung products, including three smartwatches: the Galaxy Watch FE, Galaxy Watch 7, and Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra.
  • The Galaxy Watch FE could be an iterative variation of the Galaxy Watch 4 and could also take the branding of Galaxy Watch 4 (2024), according to past leaks.
  • Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra could either be a rebranding of the Classic/Pro variants or the name of a square-shaped smartwatch.

Samsung has been in the smartwatch business for a very long time, and its Galaxy Watch series remains one of the best smartwatches available. We’re eagerly looking forward to the Galaxy Watch 7, which will succeed the current generation Galaxy Watch 6 series, but it seems Samsung has plans for a more elaborate lineup this time around.

According to noted leaker Evan ‘evleaks’ Blass, Samsung is working on several products that are destined to launch soon.