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Credit: Netflix

In this age where announcements on new Netflix TV shows and movies happen almost every day, the biggest premium streaming service in the world decided to hold its own virtual Comic Con-like event for a massive reveal of upcoming content that’s coming to the service. It’s called Netflix Tudum, and fans are already getting hyped about what will be shown, and what will be revealed, during the event.

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So what exactly is Netflix Tudum, when is it happening, and what might be shown during the fan event? Here’s everything we know so far. In the meantime you can sign up for Netflix at the link below:

Netflix is still the leading premium streaming service, with over 200 million worldwide subscribers. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows to binge watch, including its always growing list of original films and series, including Stranger Things, The Witcher, Bridgerton, and many more.

What is Netflix Tudum?

It’s a streaming event for the streaming service that currently has over 200 million paid subscribers worldwide. It will feature new trailers, news about upcoming TV shows and movies, and appearances by some of the biggest names in entertainment.

Where does “Tudum” come from?

The made-up word Tudum is supposed to be the sound that accompanies the Netflix logo when you first launch the service, or when you start playing a Netflix show or movie. Some folks labeled that sound as “Tadam” before Netflix came up with this fan event. That means Tudum is now the “official” spelling of that logo sound.

When is the event?

The main Netflix Tudum event will be held on Saturday, September 25, starting at Noon Eastern time (9 a.m, Pacific time). It is supposed to last a whopping three hours (still not as long as The Irishman, though).

In addition to the main Tudum event, Netflix will be presenting some extra content separately on the same day. New amine reveals from Japan will be shown starting at 8 a.m. Eastern time Saturday. New and upcoming Netflix shows and movies from South Korea will get their own streaming event starting at 9 a.m. Eastern. Finally, new Netflix series and films from India will be showcased starting at 11:30 a.m. Eastern.

As if that wasn’t enough, Netflix Geeked will be holding its own live watch party for the Tudum event starting at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time on the Netflix Geeked Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok channels. That event promises to have extra content not including in the main Tudum show, along with new interviews and celebrity cameos.

Where can I watch Netflix Tudum?

Ironically, the event is not being held on Netflix itself. Instead, the service is mainly using Google’s YouTube to stream Tudum on its main Netflix channel, as well as localized Netflix YouTube channels in other markets. The event will also be streamed on Netflix’s Twitter and Twitch accounts.

The pre-shows are also using local YouTube channels, including Netflix Japan for its anime show, Netflix Korea for its Korean showcase, and Netflix India for its Indian pre-show.

What will be shown during the event?

Stranger Things 4 screenshot from trailer

Credit: Netflix

Oh boy! There is indeed a reason why Netflix Tudum will be three hours long. The streaming service has so many upcoming shows and movies that it could make the event twice as long if it wanted. As it stands, the streamer says we will get news and content from over 70 of its current and upcoming series and films. That means new trailers, first looks, panel discussions, and more. Here’s the official list of shows and movies that will be part of Tudum:

  • Aggretsuko / アグレッシブ烈子
  • A Whisker Away / 泣きたい私は猫をかぶる
  • A Través De Mi Ventana
  • Arcane
  • Army of Thieves
  • Black Crab
  • Big Mouth
  • Bridgerton
  • Bright: Samurai Soul / ブライト: サムライソウル
  • Bruised
  • The Chestnut Man
  • Cobra Kai
  • Colin in Black and White
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • The Crown
  • Dark Desire
  • De Volta Aos 15
  • Don’t Look Up
  • Emily in Paris
  • Enola Holmes
  • Extraction
  • Finding Anamika
  • Floor is Lava
  • The Harder They Fall
  • Hellbound / 지옥
  • Heeramandi
  • Human Resources
  • Interceptor
  • Inside Job
  • La Casa De Papel
  • The Old Guard
  • Ozark
  • Maldivas
  • My Name / 마이 네임
  • New World / 신세계로부터
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie / 劇場版美少女戦士セーラームーンEternal: 前編・後編
  • Rebelde
  • Ritmo Salvaje
  • Red Notice
  • The Sandman
  • Sex Education
  • The Silent Sea / 고요의 바다
  • Soy Georgina
  • Stranger Things
  • Super Crooks / スーパー・クルックス
  • Ultraman
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Vikings: Valhalla
  • The Witcher
  • The Witcher: Blood Origin
  • Young, Famous and African

In case you were wondering, that official list just has 51 shows and movies. That means Netflix is keeping close to 20 or more series and films it plans to showcase as part of Tudum under wraps for now. It’s possible some of that content will be revealed in the Asian pre-show events.

What do we expect to see at the event?

We would be very surprised if Netflix Tudum didn’t show us new teaser trailers for upcoming seasons of The Witcher, Cobra Kai, Bridgeton, The Witcher, and especially the long, long-awaited fourth season of Stranger Things. We will also certainly get new trailers for Netflix’s big budget fall films Red Notice and Don’t Look Up. Finally, we want to see the first trailers for new shows like Cowboy Bebop, The Sandman, and The Witcher: Blood Origin.

What new trailers and content do you want to see as part of Netflix Tudum? Let us know in our latest poll question!