Google Nest Audio smart speaker touch control

Credit: Lily Katz / Android Authority
  • Code found in the latest Google Home app suggests a new Nest Hub Max device is on the horizon.
  • Additionally, clues point to a potential successor for the popular Nest Audio smart speaker.

It’s been quite a while since Google launched the Nest Hub Max and the Nest Audio smart speakers. With the Pixel tablet offering somewhat similar smart hub capabilities, it seemed like Google’s dedicated smart speaker/smart hub lines might have been winding down. However, a compelling discovery suggests that Google may be working on new Nest devices.

9to5Google‘s exploration of the latest Google Home app (version 3.16) revealed a device labeled as a “Nest Hub Max” alongside the previous 2019 model. Interestingly, this new model appears to retain the classic Google Assistant-powered smart display experience characteristic of the Nest Hub series rather than adopt an Android-based system.