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Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • Chrome is working on adding push notification support to its iPhone and iPad clients when sharing tabs from other devices.
  • Sent tab alerts on iOS and iPadOS are currently limited to Chrome’s less prominent in-app notifications.
  • The feature is already available on the Android client, so bringing it to Apple’s mobile platforms would be the next logical step.

Chrome is by far the most popular web browser, powering billions of users’ workflows. Naturally, many users move their web browsing sessions between their different devices, and Chrome has long supported that. On the latest Android phones, the client sends a convenient push notification when sharing a tab from another device. While these handy alerts are currently missing on iOS and iPadOS, Chrome could support them soon.

According to The Mac Observer, Google is developing push notification support for shared tabs on its iOS client. Right now, when moving Chrome sessions to iOS or iPadOS, users are strictly alerted through in-app notifications. Consequently, they must manually launch the app and wait for the in-app pop-up to surface.