Spotify on mobile

Credit: Tech Team / Android Authority
  • Spotify started testing paywalled lyrics with a limited number of accounts back in September, pushing free users to upgrade to Premium.
  • This change appears to be rolling out widely now, as many free users have complained about the matter for the past few days.
  • YouTube Music has arguably become a better music streaming platform for users seeking free access with fewer limitations.

Last September, Spotify restricted some free users from accessing its lyrics feature as part of an A/B experiment. After months of testing, it now appears that the company is rolling out this new restriction widely. Those wanting to view song lyrics while listening must now pay for Spotify Premium.

In the past few days, multiple Redditors (1, 2, 3, 4) have voiced their frustration regarding Spotify’s latest limitation. What was a free feature for years now requires users to pay a monthly fee.