Moondrop MIAD 01 thumbnail

Credit: Moondrop
  • Moondrop’s first smartphone, the MIAD 01,  is making its way to the US market.
  • The MIAD 01 caters to audiophiles with two headphone jacks and impressive audio specifications.
  • Beyond audio, the phone offers a vintage-inspired design, decent specifications, and a $399 price tag.

Audio electronics specialist Moondrop is making waves with its debut Android smartphone, the MIAD 01. After its initial launch in China, the device is set to enter the US market, bringing a unique proposition for audio enthusiasts.

In an era where most smartphone makers have ditched the headphone jack, Moondrop has defiantly included two of them. This, paired with a Hi-Fi DAC and decent overall specs, could make the MIAD 01 a compelling choice for music lovers.