Roughly a week ago, I unboxed the Mobvoi Home Walking Treadmill, and in the days since, I’ve unexpectedly assuaged some personal guilt. Hear me out. I have plenty of vices — caffeine, overpriced backpacks, an inability to avoid puppies despite being allergic — but like many people, one of my worst habits is turning on the TV and then acting surprised when it’s three hours later. This is compounded by the inevitable skipping of gym sessions or, really, any activity in general (not a good look for a reviewer of fitness trackers).

After my delivery man dropped a large, cumbersome package on my doorstep and I found myself unloading a lightweight treadmill in my living room, an idea occurred to me: what if I left it there? Since then, I’ve started clocking steps while streaming shows instead of simply melting into the corner of my sectional.