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Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Microsoft has uncovered a security vulnerability affecting Android apps named “Dirty Stream.”
  • This could allow attackers to execute malicious code within popular apps, potentially leading to data theft.
  • The flaw is widespread, with Microsoft identifying vulnerable apps that have billions of combined installations.

Microsoft has brought to light a critical security loophole, potentially affecting countless Android applications. Dubbed “Dirty Stream,” this vulnerability presents a serious threat that could grant someone the ability to take control of apps and steal valuable user information. (h/t: Bleeping Computer)

The heart of the “Dirty Stream” vulnerability lies in the potential for malicious Android apps to manipulate and abuse Android’s content provider system. This system is typically designed to facilitate secure data exchange between different applications on a device. It includes safeguards such as strict isolation of data, the use of permissions attached to specific URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers), and thorough validation of file paths to ward off unauthorized access.