Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Leak

Credit: YouTube
  • Microsoft could finally reveal the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 smartphone during a planned September 22 press event.
  • The Android-based phone was previously leaked with what looked like a new camera module.
  • Microsoft could also announce a new Surface Pro tablet, a new Surface laptop, and the Surface Go 3 at the event.

Microsoft looks like it will have a packed Surface press event three weeks from today. The company just announced plans to hold an online event on Wednesday, September 22, beginning at 11:00 AM ET.

For Android fans, the main attraction will be the official introduction of the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 smartphone. Recent rumors and image leaks of the phone suggest it will be coming later this year. While the original Surface Duo was not successful in terms of reviews or sales, the dual-screen phone looks like it may be a big improvement, particularly with its camera hardware with a triple rear sensor. Hopefully, the Duo 2 won’t have the many software bugs that plagued the original.

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In addition to the Duo 2, the Surface press event is expected to debut several Windows-based hardware devices. Based on Microsoft’s own teaser image for the event, one of them could be the Surface Pro 8 tablet. Windows Central adds that we could also see a new Surface Pro X tablet, a new Surface-branded convertible notebook, and a Surface Go 3 budget laptop revealed at the event.

surface event teaser

Credit: Microsoft

The event is being held less than two weeks before Microsoft officially launches Windows 11, the next major version of its Windows PC operating system. Microsoft promoted the OS’s support for running Android apps via the Amazon app store, but this week the company admitted that support wouldn’t be available at launch. Users can test it out via the Windows Insider program sometime in the coming months.