Windows 11 stock photo 3

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Microsoft has updated core components of Windows 11 to improve its support of Arm-based hardware and AI.
  • Windows 11 contains a new emulator called “Prism” for running x86 and x64 apps.
  • There are new AI APIs built directly into the OS.

Google isn’t the only tech giant in the process of remodeling its business to center around AI. Microsoft is hard at work doing the same and has retooled Windows 11 to better support its AI (Copilot) and Arm-based hardware.

During its live event today, Microsoft debuted two new Arm-based computing devices. Along with the announcement, the company revealed that it has rebuilt Windows 11 with AI and Arm in mind. Although Microsoft has had a shaky history with Arm since the launch of Surface with Windows RT in 2012, things could hopefully get better now.