Microsoft OneNote

Credit: Aamir Siddiqui / Android Authority
  • Microsoft OneNote is popular for note-taking but lacks a reminder feature. Users have had to use other apps like Microsoft To Do for reminder functionality.
  • We’ve spotted strings within the app’s latest beta that indicate that Microsoft is working to add a reminder feature to OneNote.
  • While the feature strings were spotted in the Android app, we expect Microsoft to retain feature parity across all supported platforms for OneNote.

Note-taking apps are some of the most popular apps on smartphones, as they take advantage of the fact that your phone is always around you. You can quickly take your phone out and begin taking a note for yourself, one that you can refer back to later. As an extension, many users expect note-taking apps to also serve well as good reminder apps, reminding them of tasks they need to accomplish in the future. Curiously, Microsoft’s premier OneNote app works very well as a note-taking app, but it lacks a reminder feature. But you can rejoice, as a reminder feature could be coming soon to OneNote.

Android Authority contributor AssembleDebug spotted strings within the latest Microsoft OneNote beta app for Android that indicate the company is working on a new reminder feature.