windows 11 android app

Credit: Microsoft
  • A new Microsoft Store listing points to Xbox consoles getting Android app support.
  • The store listing for the Windows Subsystem for Android specifically lists the Xbox One.
  • A Microsoft source has since said Android apps aren’t coming to Xbox.

Update: September 6, 2021 (1:14 AM ET): It looks like a Microsoft Store listing hinting at Android apps coming to Xbox consoles might be an error or placeholder text. 

A Microsoft source told Android Authority that the company won’t bring Android apps to Xbox consoles. So those hoping to run their favorite mobile games and other apps on console will need to wait for developers to create individual ports.

Original article: September 3, 2021 (2:06 AM ET): Microsoft will offer Android app support on Windows 11 in the coming months, allowing you to use some of the top mobile apps on your desktop, laptop, or Windows tablet. Now, it looks like the relevant software to enable this feature has appeared online.

XDA-Developers has spotted the appearance of the Windows Subsystem for Android on the Microsoft Store, and you can also download it. Unfortunately, the outlet noted that the app only issues a black window when launched. 

What’s more interesting however is the fact that this app page lists the Xbox as a compatible device. More specifically, it lists the Xbox One as a minimum requirement. Check out the screenshot below.

Microsoft Store Windows Subsystem for Android

Credit: Microsoft

The system requirements also give us an idea of what to expect on PC, calling for Windows 10 version 22000.0 or higher and a minimum of 8GB of RAM (16GB recommended).

This is the first time we’ve heard of Android app support potentially coming to Xbox consoles though. We’re not sure if the Xbox mention is simply placeholder text though or legitimate confirmation of this feature coming to consoles. It’s also worth noting that this app listing seems to be for internal testing only, so it could be possible that Microsoft is simply experimenting with this feature on consoles rather than preparing for a full-fledged release.

Nevertheless, Android app support would be welcome on Xbox consoles for a couple of reasons. For one, this would open the door for Android games being ported to the consoles (although we hope there’s good quality control here). Then there’s the fact that several streaming services don’t have Xbox apps but do have Android clients. 

We’ve contacted Microsoft representatives for clarification on Android app support potentially coming to Xbox consoles. We’ll update the article if/when they get back to us. Do you want to see Android app support on consoles? Let us know via the poll above.