A close-up image of Microsoft's Recall feature.

Credit: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority
  • After weeks of public outcry over the upcoming Microsoft Windows Recall feature, Microsoft has finally announced changes in response.
  • The company will make it clearer during the initial setup that you can opt out and will also incorporate Windows Hello for added security.
  • These changes will roll out before June 18, when the public will first have access to Recall-enabled systems.

For the past few weeks, the tech world has been discussing a controversial new Windows feature called Recall. This feature — which is not out yet but has been previewed by the press and select researchers — takes a snapshot of your Windows system every few seconds. These screenshots can then be searched using AI so you can copy text, download images, or simply look at what you were doing at a specific time so you can recreate that particular situation.

Now, due to public backlash to what appears to be an invasive and insecure product, Microsoft has announced a response to this controversy. In a lengthy blog post, the company lays out three core changes it is making to Recall: