Meta smartwatch leak

Credit: Kuba Wojciechowski
  • Meta may be developing a new version of its previously canceled smartwatch.
  • A leak claims the watch could use a custom version of Android that’s not Wear OS and run on a Qualcomm chip.
  • The device is reportedly very similar in physical build to the first iteration of the smartwatch.

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, may not be done with its plans to compete in the smartwatch market quite yet. A new leak suggests the social media behemoth is once again working on a smartwatch device.

Last year in November, we reported that Meta was taking measures to be a leaner and more efficient company after laying off over 11,000 employees. To do so, the company cut some of its projects that were still in development. This included multiple smartwatch projects, one of which — codenamed Milan — was scheduled to go on sale in 2023 for around $349.