Meta logo on smartphone stock photo (10)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Meta is reportedly developing AI-powered earphones with cameras, internally dubbed “Camerabuds.”
  • The earphones could potentially offer live translation and contextual information about the user’s surroundings.

In a race to integrate artificial intelligence into our everyday lives, tech giants are constantly exploring new ways to make their AI more accessible and intuitive. Now, The Information reports that Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is entering this fight, hoping to bring AI-powered earphones equipped with cameras.

These earphones, internally codenamed “Camerabuds,” are envisioned to leverage AI capabilities for real-time object identification and foreign language translation. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shown keen interest in the project, reviewing various design concepts for what could be either in-ear earbuds or over-the-ear headphones.