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  • Meta announced it’s open-sourcing its large language model Llama 2.
  • Meta says the decision was made to give businesses, startups, and researchers access to more AI tools.
  • Llama 2 will be available through Microsoft Azure, AWS, Hugging Face, and other providers.

Today, Microsoft held its Inspire event, where the company announced AI-related products and partnerships. At the event, Meta revealed its partnership with Microsoft which will make Meta’s large language model (LLM) free for the public and researchers.

As stated in Meta’s blog, Meta is expanding its partnership with Microsoft by making the Redmond-based firm the preferred partner for its LLM (Llama 2). As Microsoft notes in its own blog, Llama 2 will be supported on Azure and Windows. It was also revealed that Qualcomm is working with Meta to bring Llama 2 to phones, laptops, and headsets starting in 2024 for AI-powered apps that don’t rely on cloud services.