Opinion post by
Dhruv Bhutani

If you spend most of your day online, you probably visit Reddit once or a dozen times daily. It’s my go-to spot to catch up on people’s thoughts on the latest breaking news and trends. I depend on it when searching for a topic instead of relying on Google Search recommendations. But the recent moderator-led shutdowns have had me exploring Reddit alternatives in case things get even worse.

For those not up to speed, Reddit recently raised the prices for access to its API. Not a very surprising move considering that the company is heading for an IPO and has a cash crunch. However, the increased pricing is so high that the platform has essentially killed some of the biggest third-party Reddit apps. This brings us to the earlier problem of moderators revolting and shutting down some of the most popular subreddits in protest. While some took part in a temporary shutdown, other subreddits have committed to staying offline permanently until certain controversial policies are rolled back.